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Activity Centers & Tables
These centers and tables are wonderful additions to classrooms, waiting rooms and homes! Children will have hours of curious play with these amazingly detailed products. Products with an asterisk (*) are highly recommended for autistic children.
Fire Engine Activity Center*
Solid wood structure with beautiful fire truck themed graphics. Inside is a complete dashboard with pretend steering wheel, gearshift, key, ignition and speedometer. On the hood, children move the cars and boats through the city maze. The perfect toy for any child's playroom or classroom! No loose pieces. 3+ years old. 36"W x 24"L x 30"H.
Price: $360.00
Rocket Ship Activity Center*
Space themed graphics on wooden structure guarantees hours of imaginative fun! A multitude of play engaging activities on each side including: Rollercoaster ™ wire bead maze panel, flipper game, paddle wheel toy, tic tac toe, memory game panel and outer space pathfinder maze! Great for any play area or waiting room. No loose pieces. 3+ years old. 32"W x 32"L x 36"H.
Price: $450.00
Submarine Activity Center*
Solid wood structure with underwater submarine themed graphics. Inside is a complete instrument panel with a working periscope, steering wheel, gearshift and speedometers. A true child magnet! Perfect for day care centers. No loose pieces. 3+ years old. 36"W x 24"L x 36"H.
Price: $375.00
Circle of Fun Table*
Guaranteed to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours! Separate tables, form or circle or serpentine. Seven Award Winning Toys include: Abacus, Pathfinder, Fun Fruits to Match. 3+ years old. 48" Diameter x 12" High.
Price: $375.00
Mini Curves 'n Waves Table*
Challenge and develop visual tracking skills, eye-hand coordination, and shape and color recognition. Great compact size for smaller areas! 18+ months; no loose parts. Color of legs may vary. 20"W x 20"L x 18"H.
Price: $100.00
Musical Slices of Fun Table*
Develop important musical skills! Divided table features xylobells, a xylophone, drums, chimes and Cymbal. Separate tables, form a circle or serpentine shape to accommodate individual play or an entire band! Eight wooden mallets help develop rhythm and sound skills. 3+ years old.35" Diameter x 16" High.
Price: $300.00
City Transportation Table*
Entertain children as they move attached cars and boats to around the busy city. 3+ years old; no loose parts. 24"W x 24"L x 16"H.
Price: $260.00
Smiley Tooth Table
This table is a fun and educational way to teach children the importance of brushing! Children guide the beads along the wires and up and over the Smiley Tooth. The tabletop cartoons teach kids about brushing, flossing, baby teeth, crowned teeth, and tooth aches in a fun and friendly way! This is a table that is sure to stimulate every child’s curiosity and imagination. No loose parts. Includes two sitting stools.
Price: $249.00
Safari Table & Chairs
Safari themed table with 4 adorable safari animal stools: Zebra, Elephant, Lion & Giraffe. Create a fun and imaginative environment for children to draw, write and play! A great addition to any kid's room or play area. 3+ years. Table is 29" x 19" x 17"; stools are approximately 20" high.
Price: $245.00
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