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Child Shield, USA
ACCOLADES & SUCCESS RATES: National Parenting Center Seal of Approval; Junior Achievement Eagle Award; 1,000,000 children enrolled; 3 children abducted- ALL LOCATED AND RETURNED TO FAMILIES ALIVE. 97% retention rate in program.   
WHAT IT IS: A 2-part program to prevent missing children.  It protects children whether they have run away or are abducted by a non-custodial parent; relative; caregiver or stranger.
Education System- This segment teaches parents how abductors lure children; safety information to share with their child and preparation of the identification packet. 
Education System Includes:
1. Video Registration and Photo Kit.
2. Monthly Child Safety publication for parent education and family discussion.
3. Guide to Safer Children publication.
4. What To Do If Your Child Is Missing publication and Missing Child Report. 
5. Child Poster & Coloring Books for fun reminders of safety tips.   
6. Wallet packet keeps information you need to activate Emergency Recovery System with you at all times.  
7. Video registration and Photo Update Kit every 24 months.
Emergency Recovery System- This segment provides step-by-step instructions to follow if your child is missing.  These steps, estimated to cost $60,000, match those suggested by the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and include notice to police and media sources nationwide; hiring a Private Investigator and posting a cash reward.   Child Shield, USA will pay for all of the Emergency Recovery Activities for each enrolled child.   
Emergency Recovery System Includes:
1. Immediate hire of licensed Private Investigator in U.S. and 70 foreign countries. No limit on expenditure to recover your child.
2. Immediate distribution of photo and video to all police cruisers within 100-mile radius.
3. Immediate duplication and distribution of Missing Child color posters to 16,000 police & media agencies nationwide.
4. Immediate duplication of 1,000 Missing Child color posters sent to family for local distribution.
5. Immediate Post of $50,000 Reward for arrest and conviction of abductors.
If you are enrolled in Child Shield, USA the expenses for all emergency recovery procedures are paid for by Child Shield, USA. The family will not pay any additional money for the emergency services listed above.
If you are not enrolled, than the alternative is the NCMEC suggestion of borrowing money, hosting fund raisers and writing letters for corporate donations to effectively locate and recover your child.
WHY ITS NEEDED: Michigan has 78 children reported missing each day (California and Texas exceed 200 children per day). Once your family is enrolled, a massive, nationwide recovery effort to locate your missing child is at your fingertips 24 hours a day. This peace of mind is the reason the program has a 97% retention rate.  
WHO IT PROTECTS: One enrollment protects ALL children in your immediate family until the age of 18 (or 22 if in college).
WHAT IT COSTS: One time/Life time family enrollment fee of $199 & $15 per month for continuing educational materials. The fee is per immediate family; not per child. Click here to see the monthly payment options.
DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: Enrollment discounts are available to First Responders, Military personnel, Educators and families that foster or adopt children.
Click Here to Enroll Your Child. (On the Child Shield site, click "Protect My Child" on the first 2 pages until you reach the registration page. If you prefer to enroll in person or by fax, please call the office at 888.393.1884.)  To request a brochure, click here.

Contact us by phone at 888.393.1884 or by email at [email protected]