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Home Safety
This may be the easiest location to safeguard.  Your entire family has the advantage and knows the layout of the house; location of telephones, rooms and alarm panels.  
Use the Billy B Smart Adventure Box Set video to teach and reinforce what a child should do when confronted by a stranger. Be sure to post the included Certificate in your child's room for continued educational motivation and as a reminder of the rules.  Click here to see the product.  
Parents have also appreciated the benefits of the Starfish Bath Alarm and Water Temperature Monitor.  The tub will not overflow thanks to an alarm the rings when water touches the base of the unit and the water temperature (which should never exceed 100F) is displayed on the LED screen. Click here to see the product.
Plan and practice the events that should happen in case children need to take  emergency actions due to:
1.  A parent's or caregivers incapacity: based on age, the child should be familiar with dialing 9-1-1 and have their address and phone number of the residence memorized. They should expect to give a general description of what has happened to the adult.  If appropriate, the child can learn how to push the emergency button on an alarm panel.  
2.  An intrusion alarm is triggered: the child should have one or more predesignated hiding places (ideally with a phone either in the room or en route to the room) and be able to perform the 9-1-1 tasks in point 1.  If using the phone is inappropriate due to the age of the child, instruct that they remain quiet in that location until another family
member (or police) locate them.  Obviously, all family members should know exactly where the child is going to hide and inform any emergency responders.  Some families make a hide and seek game of this to reinforce the location in the child's mind; others prefer to instruct and practice with their the children without the "game" atmosphere.    
3. A fire: an escape route (including the hot-door-touch-test) should be planned and practiced from each room in the home. Determine a meeting location outside of the home to account for all family members. Each family should determine the appropriateness of devices such as escape ladders.    
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