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Neighborhood Park Safety
Use the neighborhood you know to your advantage.  Get to know the other families that frequent the park and alternate the supervising parent to keep an eye on each other's children. Signs should be posted stating the area is watched by police
authorities (collaborate with the local police agency to make sure the park is included in the routine patrol).   
Parents and caregivers should teach children one route between the park and the child's home. The child is not to deviate from this route.   
Point out potential areas of danger in your neighborhood. Advise your child to avoid specific locations that are: 
1.   Hidden from the view of other pedestrians and traffic;
2.   Wooded areas;
3.   Poorly lit areas;
4.   Known gathering spots for neighborhood bullies;
5.   Known to the community as areas that have frequent crimes.    
Make a game for children to play based on the people and vehicles they see while
playing at the park.  Without creating fear, this simple game may help a child recollect a crucial detail for authorities and parents of a missing child. 
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