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Non-Custodial Parent Visits
Most often, children are missing at the hands of parents or relatives.  Former spouses sharing time with their children in two locations may be the most difficult adjustment made by a family.  If your situation involves threats of kidnapping or any type of harm to the child, contact your local police authority, experienced family attorney and the court which issued the visitation order.   
Former spouses should agree to open communication regarding the children's well-being. These conversations can serve as a indicator of your former spouses' state of mind and their whereabouts when they are with the children. Drastic changes in behaviors or actions may be a red flag. 
Be sure to note the vehicle model and license plate number of any vehicle that your former spouse uses to pick up your child.  This is especially important if a new
girl/boyfriend or spouse is introduced into the child's life.  Ask A LOT of questions to determine who is around your child and what settings they will be in on these visits.
Many parents contact Kids First in the midst of a divorce. The first precaution typically sought is to enroll their children in Child Shield, USA.  It is the most comprehensive emergency child recovery service available. Enrolled families will have the benefit of 16,000 police and media agencies looking for a missing child and private investigator services in the US and 70 other countries. Click here for full details of the program. 
One of our most popular products is the convenience of the Identakey.  One small device can hold medical information, finger prints and photos for at least eight family members (including pet info). The information is retrieved and printable by putting the key into the USB port of a computer.  Click here to see this product.
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