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When Grandparents Babysit
The safety concerns of grandparents babysitting is different from other caregivers.  More responsible than teenagers and more invested than non-family babysitters, grandparents usually dote and watch the next generation of their family with great care and pride. Having said that, there is the reality that grandparents may have physical limitations making a trip to the zoo or park a challenge. 
To help increase security, we offer 2 devices that locate a child that has gone too far from the adult. Both units consist of a transmitter kept by the adult and a receiver
 worn on the child's clothing or shoe.
The Wireless Panda Guard automatically rings if the child wanders further than the distance set on the receiver. The range is from 6 feet to 30 feet.  Click here to see the product.  This product is purchased most often by parents for the benefit of the automatic feature. Grandparents do not need to take any action to be alerted that the grandchild has gone further than the distance set by the parent!
On the "Mommy I'm Here" device, the adult presses the receiver to locate the child up to 150 feet away.  This device is perfect for pre-teens that are allowed to go a short distance from the adults at the mall or zoo.  Click here to see the product.
It is also a good idea to familiarize your child with the 9-1-1 call, detailed in the Home Safety article, in case the grandparent is incapacitated.  The child should be able to tell the operator their general location and circumstances (we are at the park near my house and my Grandpa fell and can't get up).   Children should be taught to stay in that location and not go off with a stranger that promises to take them home or to the police. 
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